Hello Miss Young,

I read your piece with great interest; I'm always intrigued when someone writes an opinion piece such as yours, who truly has no skin in the game. You state we need " we need facts, not moral panic and politicized narratives" correct. Thing is, you don't need…

A Villanelle


Hear ye! Hear ye! Let it be known

On the third day of November, in the year two thousand and twenty

The one who thinks he is a king will be overthrown

The grifter used the presidency as a stepping stone

To steal from the good citizens every damn penny

A Villanelle with Imagery


Front and center, no longer hidden

Longitudinal study of genocide

The white man’s burden, “Death to the Black man” for it is written

From a woman who knew neither of them


Between the ages of five and six, my mother divorced my father. She never spoke bad about him, however, the only thing she would tell me is that I would find out what kind of person he was on my own. During that time, there were the scheduled weekend visits…

A Villanelle


She is strong and resilient, nothing gets by her

History has taught her much for all that she sees

Her pain and anguish for her lost child, she is now death’s connoisseur

Life has grown from within, she is love’s whisperer

And its just a matter of time she’ll teach…

A Villanelle


The days of old are gone, but the shackles still remain

Where can mercy and grace be found

White supremacy carries the mark of Cain

Treated like animals, so very inhumane

Racism and hate are America’s playground

The days of old are gone, but the shackles still remain

Another life…

A Villanelle

Jacqueline Kamel

We waved goodbye, as they walked out the door

A kiss on the cheek, a tight hug was felt

The sound of their voice is nevermore

Memories in the sun from their time at the shore

It was only a matter of time when we realized the hand they were…

during quarantine


“These uncertain times”

I hear this a lot, on the radio, TV, streaming services. However, it has put me in a particular mindset, the mindset of:

“Give us this day our daily bread”

Most people recognize this verse, its from the Lord’s Prayer. This is the Catholic version:

Our Father…

but they sure are pretty

gotta love YouTube and the Japanese

Violet DeTorres

The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House // " When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time" --Maya Angelou

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