When Dreams Come True

Be careful what you wish for

Violet DeTorres


Jonas Morgner — Unsplash

When looking back on my life, I can truly say in earnest that most, if not all, my dreams have come true.

What exactly is “ a dream come true”?

According to the Idioms website:

  • fulfilment of a wish after a long time
  • the notion of something that is hoped by a person coming to life
  • for fantasies to get fulfilled
  • a desire that someone has required or attained after a long time

Now, all these “dreams” I had come true did not happen all at once. These dreams materialized over time. Some happened in a blink of an eye, and some took years to achieve, and in hindsight, the dream was fulfilled…

Let’s start with “ for fantasies to get fulfilled”.

One of my fantasies was to be famous. Sigh. Yes, I admit it. But not in that Madonna-like kind of way ( I’m really dating myself here, and I don’t care) but that quiet kind of fame. Quiet kind of fame? The the hell is that? Well, I will tell you.

In my head, there is this kind of fame that is not obnoxious, rude, or narcissistic. That kind of fame that isn’t used to get the best table in a restaurant, the kind that cuts in front of everyone else standing in a long line, the kind of fame that lends itself to a weird type of “entitlement” , the kind that emotes “ I am better than anyone else” type of fame.

Maybe its a Keanu Reeves type of fame that I was seeking.

Even as an old “dude” he is stunning

I’ve told my friends and family that I want to be famous, I just don’t want anyone else to know. This grandeur lives in my head. Did it happen? Did I become famous?

Yes, this “fantasy” did come true. I would walk into a room and mingle and converse with those around me. People would whisper amongst themselves and the sea of humans would part as I glided through, nodding in their directions and giving off the Mona Lisa smile. Or, at other gatherings, my name would be on a list and I was given carte blanche. My drinks would be waiting for me at the well, no…



Violet DeTorres

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